About us
Access Communications LTD was awarded a license in 2007 as the Second National Operator (SNO) in the telecommunications industry in Malawi. The company launched its service in January 2010. Its principal stakeholders are reputable business and professional persons in Malawi and the shareholders are:
  • - Gestetner Malawi Ltd
  • - Dynamic Communicationns Limited
  • - Voicecom Investments Ltd
Our Core Values
  • - Quality. This is the basis of all the operations at Access. Access is committed to ensuring that anything that bears the name Access is of the highest possible standards - including our technology, our people, our products and our communications.
  • - Innovation. This value ensures that Access is continually doing things outside the box in order to improve existing customers propositions as well as simplify communications solutions for our customers.
  • - Excellence. Excellence is what we strive for in everything we do. We plan to go beyond the expected to find new and better ways to satisfy our customers.
Our Vision
  • "To become the preferred facilitator of business interaction in Malawi"
Our Focus
  • At Access we focus on doing ordinary things with extraordinary dedication and focus on the customer. We may not be the first in the market with our products, but we will ensure that we deliver high quality and reliable products and services that will surpass customer expectations.