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For Smart Phones, Mi-Fi and Tablets

Buy Bundle

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Enter phone number here. You can buy bundle for your own phone or another phone.

Enter the phone number again to avoid mistakes.

Top Up

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Please enter the mobile number here. You can put money on your own phone or another phone.

You have to enter the mobile number two times to avoid mistakes.

Short codes

With Access you can easily buy bundles and manage your balance with short codes.

Short CodeHow to do it

Dial *225*VoucherPin#
Example Dial *225*394830291248#

Or send an SMS to 225 with the VoucherPin
Example: send the message 394830291248 to 225.

If your SIM card supports voice, you can simply dial 225 and our systems will guide you through the topup process and tell you what your balance is.

Check Balance

Dial *212# to receive a flash message with balance information.

Or send an SMS to 212 with any text.
Example: send the message ABC to 212

Bundle Info
Dial *213# or send SMS to 213 to receive a message with information about your active bundles.
Balance Transfer

Dial *214*Number#Amount

Example: to transfer K 500 to 0212100001, Dial *214*0212100001#500

If your SIM card supports Voice calls, you can simply dial the short codes instead of sending an SMS.

You can also dial 225 to top-up by voice or 222 to talk to our customer service whom are available all days from 8 AM to 8 PM.

Log in

Log in with your Phone number and PIN you can access your account balance and view your current bundles.

If you have lost your PIN, click Get New PIN on SMS above and you immediately receive a new PIN on SMS.